Can I connect over USB?

Yes. If you have iTunes, or more specifically the 'Apple Mobile Device Service' installed on your computer, you should be able to use itunnel to establish a direct connection to your device over USB. A full guide on how to do this is available here.

Can you add WhatsApp support?

This is something we have looked into in the past, but ultimately decided against. We may reconsider this in the future.

Can I connect over my cellular data network?

This is theoretically possible, although it depends entirely on your carrier's network. If you find yourself unable to connect, you may have success tunneling via VPN. As long as you can access your device's services (SSH, etc), you will be able to access Remote Messages.

Can you make a standalone app for this?

Some people have said Fluid works quite nicely with Remote Messages.

Why not just use the OS X Messages app?

We don't use OS X, so that's out of the question for us and many other Windows/Linux users. Remote Messages is completely cross platform since it all runs in the web browser.

What is the point of Remote Messages?

Perhaps you've left your device somewhere in the house, or maybe your device is being used to play music on your Hi-Fi? What if your device is being used to play back video on your TV? Maybe you simply prefer typing out messages on a proper keyboard.

I'm unable to install iTunes and don't have Wi-Fi access.

We don't currently offer an official solution for this situation. If you are unable to access any services running on your device (SSH, etc), then you will need to find an alternative connection method.

I have SSL enabled and can't connect.

First, please ensure OpenSSL has been installed through Cydia. If you have it installed, please switch 'Use SSL' off and try again. If disabling SSL resolved the issue, please contact support with more information about your device so we can investigate. Please note that SSL certificates are generated on the handset at first launch, this process can take a up to a minute.

Should I switch the server off if I'm not using it?

No. You should be able to leave Remote Messages running 24/7 without it affecting your battery life. Obviously this is up to you, so feel free to test it out. We would actually be quite interested to see some statistics.

The web browser keeps losing connection to the phone with an error.

The first thing to check is that the application is still running on your device. To do this, go into the Remote Messages settings pane and check that the 'enabled' switch is set to 'on'.

If the application is running and you are still intermittently loosing connection check that your computer can still contact your device. The simplest way to do this is to 'ping' your device at the IP address shown in the Remote Messages settings pane.

If you find that your ping requests are timing out or are being rejected check that the device has an active Wi-Fi connection.

Note: When running from battery, iOS devices will occasionally disable their active network connections to conserve power. To permanently disable this behaviour there are tweaks available on Cydia such as 'Prevent sleep' or 'Insomnia', however this is not recommended as it will impact the battery life of your device.

Remote Messages crashed, what should I do?

If you've experienced an unexpected crash, you can submit an anonymous crash report to help us find out what went wrong so that we can improve the software in future updates. To submit crash reports, go into the Remote Messages setting pane and enable "Send crash reports". The next time you start the Remote Messages server all previous crash reports will be delivered to our server. (If it is already running, please restart the server).

Note: All crash reports are completely anonymous and contain no personal information.

I have started Remote Messages in the settings pane and can ping my device however, I cannot access my device through my web browser.

Ensure you are including the correct port number in the address bar. For example, if your device's IP address is and you have chosen to use port 333 (default). You should enter in your web browser's address bar.

Alternately, the port you have chosen to use in the settings app could be in-use by another service running on the device. Try changing the port number to something more uncommon and try again (ports range between 0 and 65535). If you continue to experience issues please feel free to contact us via our support forum.

My device displays an IP address of or in the settings app, what should I do?

The settings pane will report back either of these addresses when it is unable to find an active Wi-Fi/network connection. If you do not have access to a Wi-Fi network, you can tunnel into your device via a USB connection using tools such as 'itunnel-mux'. Cellular connections are currently unsupported. Connections via VPN are unsupported, but should work correctly in theory.

Which web browsers are supported by Remote Messages?

We actively support the following browsers:

Remote Messages establishes a WebSocket connection with the device, so the web browser must support this technology. Older versions (v1/2) include a fallback Flash socket solution (Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher). Support for modern CSS3 technologies are also required for the best visual experience.

If you are unsure, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome.