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[Closed] IP address shows

edited December 2012 in Support
my wifi ip address shows
can you fix this ?
and when I turn the toggle on, it turns off again right after I use some other applications. same with sbsettings.


  • Problem 1) Go into Settings->WiFi and click on your currently connected WiFi connection. What IP address does it show? Are you connected via ipv4 or ipv6? As an example my current IP address is

    Problem 2) This is a known issue please see here for the fix: (this is fixed for an upcoming build).
  • edited December 2012
    I have seen from twitter that your IP Address is ( Assuming that you have left the port set to default (333) and your IP address hasn't changed and your device is ping-able. You should be able to connect to Remote Messages at

    Ping your IP first from the command line to check you can talk to your device (run ping

    Could you also tell me what iPhone model you have and which iOS version?
  • iphone 4 ios 6.0.1
  • Which repo did you install Remote Messages from?
  • gshrestha1 we do not support pirated copies. We only publish our software to the BigBoss repo, predominantly so that we control what goes in the package (downloading from igoldhouse and other pirate repos may contain malware etc).

    In case you are not aware Remote Messages is a paid Cydia application found at

    Furthermore, we do not currently support iOS6 and this is where your problem lies.

    If you would like to use Remote Messages you will have to downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 or 5.0.1 and purchase it from the BigBoss repo.
  • I tried to get it from bigboss repo but it dint let me. and therefore, I used that repo. when do we expect it working on ios 6 ?
  • As has been previously stated we do not support iOS 6 currently. Installing pirated copies of our software on unsupported operating systems will of course result in undefined behaviour.

    If you want to use Remote Messages your only current option is to downgrade to iOS 5 and purchase from BigBoss.

    iOS 6 support will be worked on when the development environment is stable enough. Piracy will certainly not speed up the development process.
  • I tried couple of times to dowgrade to ios 5 few weeks ago, but I could not although I have saved my shsh blobs. I will rather wait until you guys finish up. Thank you.
    Btw I just uninstalled it.
  • A lot of the places distributing copies incorrectly claim that it supports iOS 6, it's quite frustrating!
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