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Android app

edited May 2013 in Feature Requests
RM2 works quite well on an android device using Google chrome browser, however it would still be nice to see an android app that has more of a messaging feel to it. Notifications and sounds for when a new message is received would also be extremely interesting. I wouldn't even care if its in the play store or not. Sideloading isn't an issue when dealing with reputable developpers.


  • I'm positive that there's already an app that does that. It is called MightyText. It functions the same way as Remote Messages does, but MightyText also lets you know who's calling, which is a pretty handy feature.
  • "See who's calling you...on your computer screen" - that's a really nice idea for an update for remote messages.
  • Hi Rootilein, Call notifications is on our todo list for iOS7 =]
  • Would you expect to see call alerts as webkit notifications, or actually in the UI?
    I'm thinking it would be kind of weird to see inbound calls in your messages app, so why would remote messages interface do this?
  • Sounds like a new tweak may be around the corner... Remote Phone anyone?
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