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Remote Messages for WhatsApp?

Remote messages for whatsapp would be killer and, will this program be updated to iOS7 specifically the 5s?



  • I second that. It would be a godsend.
  • +1 from me. For this feature I'm willing to pay an extra.
  • +1, I'd pay for an add on, but if your really nice your do it for free ;)
  • This is something we've been debating internally for quite some time.

    Actually implementing WhatsApp support is no easy feat and would require a lot of reverse engineering, time and effort to get a feature working @Al and I don't actually use. That being said, we can see the need for something like this so don't rule out it being done. We are currently mulling over the idea of creating a kick starter project for this to see how much interest there is in something like this.
  • Just to update you guys on this. We actually made good progress on integrating WhatsApp into RM but have had to abandon the project =[.

    It seems WhatsApp have gone back to their litigious ways and we don't really want to be on the receiving end of any legal action. Unfortunately until WhatsApp become a bit more open with their API's there isn't much we can do.

  • This is the type's of reasons I refuse to use whatsapp.. while I was out of the country I needed it... but... Not anymore... Stupid really...
  • Sad news, was ready to jump on your future Kickstarter Project. It's so urgently needed. I hate WhatsApp and mostly use Hangouts, but in my country about 95% are into Whatsapp.

    What about the idea with replacing the clipboard in background (+ perhaps an autopaste after a button click). I'm sure this woudn't be a copyright infridgement and would be really usefull :) I'm sure there are other people who would donate for this also.
  • I wonder what will happen now that Facebook have acquired WhatsApp.
  • Alex,

    It seems there is something that does that on Android, called "Whats Remote":
    (I haven't tried it, I don't have Android)

    Perhaps the "litigious ways" of Whatsapp softened?
  • Alex,
    with the launch of whatsremote we can see that it's not a problem so i hope you can implement it too. Please! Please!
  • "WhatsRemote is down, what now?
    If that happens, check our Twitter account for status updates."

    ^^ Hm... Doesn't sound like they've reversed engineered it
  • They still seem to be pretty up-tight about 3rd party usage of their API. Don't worry we are keeping our eye on the situation. If WA get a bit more lax we'll seriously look into implementing it once more.
  • we need something like what airdroid does.
  • bumping for interest
  • +1 for this feature
  • +1000000000000000 for this feature !

    i used whatsremote for months on Android and works fine..

    good lucky guys !
  • this should get going... honestly.. IMN has an addon for quick reply. I don't see why not!
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