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[Closed] Unread message count

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Hey there! I bought Remote Messages about a week ago and love it! Got a question for you, though. When I connect to it, the number of unread messages (incidated by the counts next to the contact names in the right column) don't seem to have updated correctly. For example, let's say since the last time I used RM, I received (and read, and replied to) 10 new messages from John Smith. The next time I open up RM it shows that I have 10 unread messages from him... even though I'd read them on my iPhone. The only way to clear this is to click on his name in the contact list. Is there any way to synchronize these so that RM accuractly reflects that I have, in fact, read the message? (I have "Send Read Receipts" disabled on my iPhone... could this be part of the problem?)



  • Morning Synthpup,

    Which version of Remote Messages are you using?

    I am using the latest (v1.1) and can't seem to reproduce this error. (RM and the Phone are always in sync for me).

    Could you provide me with the following information:
    iPhone Model
    iOS Version
    RM Version

    If you could also kill MobileSMS from the app switcher, reboot your device and see if that clears up the issue that would be great. Send Read Receipts shouldn't affect this functionality.
  • Good morning, and thanks for the speedy reply! I just upgraded to 1.1; I'm on an iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.1. Unfortunately, I'm not able to test at the moment but will do so when I get home. Perhaps the issue only existed on 1.0.2. :)
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    I'm still seeing the issue in 1.1, I'm afraid. Here's what I did to reproduce the result:

    1. Load RM in my browser. Verify that I have no unread SMS.
    2. Close my browser.
    3. Send myself a text message (from a different phone), and read it on my iPhone.
    4. Open my browser, and load RM again.

    At this point, RM says I have one unread message (the one I sent myself), even though my iPhone says I have no unread SMS.

    Any idea what might be going on? I tried killing MobileSMS and rebooting as you suggested, but the problem persists.

    Thanks, Jesse
  • I should note that I'm using BiteSMS on my iPhone. I tried opening the message in MobileSMS too (to see if the read flag is set differently) but that didn't work either.
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    Another interesting bug, by the way, is that I deleted an entire conversation on my iPhone but it's still showing up in RM. When I try to view it in RM, it loads the old messages but then the spinner appears on top of each message... as if it's trying to refresh a cache and failing.
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    This will be because you are using BiteSMS. We hook into some of the functions used within to know when a message has been read. Obviously these hooks will not be called if you are using BiteSMS...

    It could also be that BiteSMS is destroying some of the hooks we have in place for MobileSMS itself.

    I'll have a look and see what would be required for compatibility with BiteSMS. No guarantees though! Remote Messages was designed to interface with and not the other 3rd party messaging apps.
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    After a bit of poking about basic support for biteSMS can be achieved by pasting the contents of into a file called IMSenderHooks.plist and copying this new file into /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/. (Make sure the file is owned by root and has chmod 644).

    From my quick tests this will make everything fully functional apart from the "close" button on the quick reply screen and some other odities with that screen. Frankly the sms db integration is fairly shoddy in biteSMS so to get 100% support may take some time or might not even be possible.

    In the mean time though, applying the changes as specified within this message will result in a useable version of RM with biteSMS.
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    Amazing! Thank you! I do use the Close button on the quick reply screen occasionally but I can definitely live with this arrangement. I'll install the plist now and let you know how it goes. Thank you so much!!
  • For that plist to take effect I had to kill MobileSMS and biteSMS using the task switcher, then respring. After that it should work :)
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    I went one step further and rebooted my device. I'm happy to confirm that the the read flag is now synchronizing if I open BiteSMS to read the message. :) As you noted, the Close button doesn't work on the quick reply form... so it's not 100% compatible yet, but a definite improvement! Thank you!

    Here are the tests I ran, in case this helps:

    If I receive a message and read it while in BiteSMS, the flag syncs correctly (RM shows I have no unread messages).

    If I receive a message in Quick Reply, hit Open, and read it in BiteSMS, the flag syncs correctly.

    If I receive a message in Quick Reply and hit Close (which marks the message as read on my iPhone), the flag is not synced (RM shows I have one unread message).

    If I receive a message in Quick Reply, hit Close, run BiteSMS and read the message there too, the flag is still not synced (RM still shows I have one unread message).

    If I receive a message in Quick Reply, hit Close, run BiteSMS and then receive another message from the same number while BiteSMS is open, the flag does sync for all messages (RM shows I have no unread messages; it somehow seems to know that I read the initial one that I used the Close button on).
  • Thanks for the info. I'll take a look into it as time allows.
  • Awesome! Thanks!
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