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Windows USB Issues

edited January 2014 in Support
Using an iPhone IOS 7.0.4, I can get the wifi method to work great, but the USB method is being weird for me. I followed the instructions on the front page but I am getting these messages in the command prompt:
[Info] Device connected
[ERROR] USBMuxConnectByPort = 6b, handle=ffffffff
[ERROR] Error: Device Service
Thanks in advance!


  • Do you have iTunes installed? If so, which version?
  • I actually updated itunes right before downloading this tweak. So currently I am on 11.1.4.
  • AlAl
    edited February 2014
    Can you try running your iTunnel shortcut as admin? Quite a few people have had this problem in the past but I'm not entirely sure why it happens! Do you have iTunes running?

    I don't have iTunes installed at home, only the Apple Mobile Device Service. At work I have iTunes fully installed, but never have it running.
  • I just tried to run the shortcut as admin and have itunes runnning with the device connected. The shortcut keeps giving these errors:
    [ERROR] USBMuxConnectByPort = 6b, handle=ffffffff
    [ERROR] Error: Device Service
  • Try running it without iTunes running? Maybe try the itunnelmux forums for help since this may be out of our realm of support. This deffinately sounds like some sort of configuration error where itunnelmux can't access the apple mobile device service.
  • At first I thought it might be an update to the mobile device service, but someone else on this forum had the same issue a year ago... :(
  • same problem
  • @thuckemeyer, it might be a problem with that version of iTunes. Does it work on the version you currently have now?
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