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Sending as texts only, not iMessage.

edited January 2014 in Support
All of my messages are going through as texts instead of iMessages. When I send them from my phone it works normally, it's just when I send it through remote messages that this happens.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hmmm, can you send an email to our support address via Cydia so we can see what packages you have installed on your device? My first suspect would be a tweak interfering in some way since we interface directly with ChatKit.
  • this is sort of happening to me but the other way around... everything is trying to be sent as iMessage.. could be a bitesms thing.
  • only sending through sms too. no imessage support
  • edited February 2014
    never mind. restarted phone and imessage works!
    edit: it's on and off still. Noticed running iTunes made it work the last time
  • This doesn't seem to be remote messages related... i restored my phone and it still did this stock.... it somehow fixed itself.
  • I have having the same issue. When I use RM they are sent as text (and how on my phone as text as well). If i use my phone they show as iMessage. I have restarted my phone and re installed RM as well.
  • Dear Remote Messages,

    I am a raving fan after I found this product and started using it. Saved me about 50.00 a month from having to use this online service paying for a whole another cell phone #.

    My Main request as of right now please is 'SCHEDULING Messages' that go out. So you can set a message up tonight that goes out automatically in the morning at a certain time.

    Please make more options to make this service as if you can treat it like im running a business off my phone.

    BULK Texting feature would be ideal as well..

    Scott R.
  • you can do that with bitesms.
  • Can i do that on the computer though using Remote Messages ?
  • any further word on a fix or solution for this? Same is happening to me. Not good when messaging international!
  • same thing is happening to me...I do have Couria installed also...
  • If you can send iMessages through the native but not through Remote Messages then that probably implies you have a tweak that is causing compatibility issues installed or have erroneously checked the "Force SMS" option.

    Since they use the same library under the hood that is the most likely explanation.
  • I'm having this issue now. Never had it before. I do use BiteSMS, but I can send iMessages fine through my phone, but everything goes SMS through Remote Messages...and they don't get to their destination half of the time.

  • @bigdog5142 When this is happening, does the stock Messages app behave correctly? Is it just Remote Messages going "out of sync" so to speak? If you could isolate the issue that would help up tremendously :)
  • I am noticing this same problem. I do not have BiteSMS, or any other SMS program installed. On Remote Messages, the "Send" button will be blue (signifying an iMessage), but then when it sends it will send as a regular SMS. Then if I go into my Messages app on the phone, I can send a message to the same recipient and it will send as an iMessage (as expected). Back on Remote Message, it will continue sending as SMS...

    I noticed I can fix this by restarting both Remote Messages on the phone (toggling on/off) and restarting my browser. It is very annoying when this happens.
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