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How to start iTunnel-mux hidden with Windows (24/7 USB connectivity)

edited February 2014 in Community
This allows you to use your Remote Messages on your iPhone through USB, without having the need to run the iTunnel-mux client every time. This script does also hide the client window, and makes it run on Windows start up.
This tutorial requires you running a Windows based operating system.

Below is the "How To" guide (2-4 is optional):
1. Install iTunes
2. Delete iTunes
3. Delete Apple Software Updater
4. Keep Apple Mobile Device Support
5. Download the following package, and extract it:
6. Copy the folder "iTunnel 7.1" to "%programfiles(x86)%" if using x64 or %programfiles% if using x86
7. Browse to the directory and rightclick on "iTunnel 7.1.vbs" and choose "Create Shortcut", you can name this shortcut as you like.
8. Move this shortcut to the following directory "%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup".
9. Make sure that your iPhone is listing the server on port 333.
10. Reboot your computer, and enjoy itunnel starting hidden with windows.
11. Plug in your iphone via. USB and navigate to "localhost:333" in your favorite browser.

Hope this was a help.
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  • You just saved a lot of people a lot of time. Thanks
  • Very nice, thanks for sharing this!!
  • Is there anything similar for OSX?

    The best I have right now is a shell script file that runs the itnl command to start the process. I then created a .command file to run that script and have it run at login. Since the command needs to be ran as administrator, I need to enter my password in the Terminal window every time. Also, it keeps a Terminal window in my menu bar below (i.e. it is not hidden).

    While this works for the most part, it's not quite as elegant as your Windows solution.
  • @CoBrA2168
    As I'm not that much into OS X, I will try to answer your question from a unix based perspective.
    The best solution will be to make a shell script as you have done, and then have it to boot on startup, the save way you did. However the admin rights will be the problem on OS X together with other Linux distributions where the root user aren't your main user. I would suggest searching for a way to run specific commands as a specific user, through a .sh script. Itshould be possible in some way. Ican't come up with any ideas for making the terminal invisible though.
    Good luck
  • Indeed, OS X users need to run itunnel as root...
    You *can* configure sudo to not prompt for a password on your account, but that's almost definitely a really bad idea.
  • Does iTunes need to be deleted?
  • No.

    iTunes must be installed for itunnel to work.
  • Well... just the Mobile device support components. You can unpack the iTunes installer.
  • There is an error with the dropbox link. Can anyone re upload it?
  • Does anyone still have this available?
  • While not exactly the same as above, one can run iTunnel as a service in Windows which I have found to work quite nicely. I used NSSM (, first setting the exe as a service then modifying the port parameters.

    This way iTunnel is always waiting in the background for me to plug in my phone.
  • I figured out a way to run the itnl program on OSX Yosemite on startup (without messing with the root user's password). If anyone is interested in how I did this, I can post a quick tutorial (it actually wasn't quite trivial, but it should work for anyone with basic understanding of the Unix terminal).
  • thanks @teh_trout that NSSM kicks ass!
  • Thanks @teh_trout! That was a very helpful idea!
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