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[Resolved] Version 1.1 overwrites custom.css

edited December 2012 in Bug Reports
since the new update, my own style is gone... I thought this should not happen?


  • My bad rootilein. It's not gone, we moved the location of custom.css to /var/mobile/Library/RemoteMessages/css/custom.css

    If you copy your custom.css into the 'css' folder from above it will work again.

    In addition if you want to over-ride any of the sound effects you can put new ones in /var/mobile/Library/RemoteMessages/sfx with the same name and file type as those /Library/Application Support/Remote Messages/web/sfx. (Don't override the originals as they may change with further updates).
  • thank you very much for your fast answer. can you tell my, if the width of the list of all conversations is defined in your css? I want to give it a fixed width, because I'm using a seperated browser window at a 27'' monitor... and it's getting too big..
  • for the sound effects: can you add the possibility in the settings, only to enable sound for incoming messages but not for outgoing ones?
  • Could do that in a future update, in the mean time renaming that sound file in /web/sfx/ will make it 404 and thus not play.

    Al will respond to your CSS issue soon.
  • AlAl
    edited December 2012
    If you give any of those elements a fixed width you'll end up running into problems with things overlapping/gaps between things.

    I recommend just altering the percentage values like so:

    .left {
    width: 75%; /* Change to 90% */
    .right {
    width: 25%; /* Change to 10% */

    (These classes are inherited elsewhere so you'll only need to change them once)
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