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[Closed] Contact Pictures

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
It would be very cool, if you could show the contact pictures in the small list on the right side and in the left upper corner next to the name.


  • Yep, we're going to be adding this for the next feature release (v1.1).
  • Great!
    Love that Tweak! Nice work! (and much better than WifiSMS!)
  • Thanks for your support!
  • what's the difference from WiFiSMS?
  • @s0Ldad0r Principally the differences between Remote Messages and WiFiSMS are:
    -Full iMessage support (sending with file attachments etc).*
    -Full MMS support.
    -Native iOS media thumbnails for consistency with the
    -Non polling interface (we wait until ChatKit tells us you have a new message and then pass on the information). This results in a much more responsive interface to have chats with people over iMessage.
    -Phone status notifications (signal strength, battery level etc) which is extremely useful if you are leaving your phone on a window sill somewhere to get signal.
    -iOS6 emoji support, so you can send and receive iOS6 emoji from lower devices.
    -Ability to search your address book when sending new messages.

    *Typing notifications are not yet available in the public release but will be incorporated in a future feature release.
  • edited November 2012
    thanks for reply, Alex ;)
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