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[Implemented] search

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
it would be very nice for one of the next releases to have the possibility to search a conversation in the list


  • This is already on our list :)
  • great. your tweak is getting better and better! it's really worth that price!! ;)
  • by the way: have you tried to use it on an iPad? there it's not working really smoothly... :(
  • We never really intended it to work on the iPad, I was quite surprised it works as well as it does!

    I'll see what's involved in getting iPad support tighter, if the adjustments are minimal/clean I will put them in.
  • it wouldn't be so hard for me, if it doesn't work well in the iPad. but this would be a really nice gimmick ;)
  • AlAl
    edited December 2012
    That's what I'm thinking too! :)
    Have to draw the line somewhere though, if someone asks for PSP/PS3 support I will break down in tears.
  • Search will be a good feature. both message search & contacts search (who sent sms, not contact list).

    Contacts search can be ajax, where in it will narrow down as we type.
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