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[Resolved] How desktop notification works? [WIN7]

edited December 2012 in Support
Hello everybody,
I'v just installed version 1.1 of Remote Message and I'm not able to make notifications work. I've turned them on from settings and I'm using Chrome on Windows 7, are they for Mac users only?


  • They are for windows as well.

    When you check "Enable Notifications" a text link will appear saying something like "Allow notifications". You must click that text hyperlink which will prompt chrome to ask you if it is allowed to display notifications (should look something like this.

    I know these work as I use them on win7 + chrome.
  • Well, I've allowed notifications just like you said. But I still do not see anything showing app. Should I close the tab with RM? I have always left it open when I was trying to make notifications work.
  • RM must be open in a background tab for the notifications to show. Note that notifications will not be displayed for any currently opened conversation. I.E You should close any currently open conversation (press escape or the (x) in the conversation list) to see notifications for all conversations.

    Uncheck "Auto-hide desktop notifications" so they don't disappear without you seeing them.
  • Ok, I think the problem is that I left the conversation opened. Now everything is working perfectly. Thank you very much.
    As I final suggestion (I don't even know if it's possible) it would be awesome to click on the notification and open up RM tab to reply :)
    Thank you again!
  • We'll look into and see if its feasible to implement. :)
  • Just as an update, clicking notifications has been implemented for the next version of Remote Messages.
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