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Boot Looping, Springboard Crash, Big SMS database, iOS 5

edited March 2014 in Community
Have not been able to get other remote messaging apps to work, purchased this solution, it does not work either. After reading, I think it is very likely that my SMS database is way too large for these programs to work.

I'm on iPhone 3GS. I'm gonna try to backup and delete the majority of them, unless you have some other solution.


  • What other solutions did you try?
  • Uninstalling, reinstalling... WifiSMS. PcSMS.
  • You can try killing all apps before starting Remote Messages.

    Remote Messages will only keep the current conversation you are looking at in memory. As soon as you navigate to someone elses conversation thread the previous conversation should be unloaded.

    Contact us via our support email address via Cydia so we can have a look at what other packages you have installed, could be a tweak incompatibility.
  • I tried turning off all the mobilesubstrate addons with sbsettings~ still crashes phone.

    Just tried renaming message attachments folder (using ifile) to attachments1 and recreating an empty attachments folder. Minute or 2 after enabling Remote Messages, phone crashed to safe mode.

    Where do I find that email address? Do you have skype?
  • I also tried killing all processes with SBSettings and then starting remote messages. I flipped the toggle to enable remote messages and left the remote messaging settings screen on, the phone restarted after a minute or so. it's restarted twice so far, I haven't touched it.
  • You can find our support address in Cydia on the RM package page.

    Out of curiosity why are you using iOS5? ChatKit in iOS6 was way more stable!
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