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Remote Messages automatically disables itself when trying to connect

edited March 2014 in Community
Hi all,

I'm having an issue with Remote Messages where, every time I enter the IP and port into my address bar, Remote Messages will disable itself. This happens with both normal connections and tunneling.

Help please!


  • Has it only recently stopped working? Or is this your first time using Remote Messages?
  • It recently stopped working. I think after I updated to 7.0.6? I'm not exactly sure though.
  • Are you sure that it's crashing when you contact the RM server, or is it just closing immediately after toggling it on?
  • I have this issue occasionally, and it fixes itself after I reboot my iPhone. I'm on iOS 7.0.4 using an iPhone 5.
  • Reboot is the only fix? Could you try respringing and/or restarting the Remote Messages?
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