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Issues with BiteSMS?

I get a lot less issues with connecting with Remote Messages when bitesms is NOT installed.... it is much faster via wifi...

I do not have issues when setting up personal hotspot... but I am doing more testing.



  • As far as I am aware there have always been issues with BiteSMS and Remote Messages, even with the first version. @Alex might be able to explain the trouble in more detail. I could be wrong though, I've never used BiteSMS personally.
  • I am seeing the same instability with both biteSMS and Remote Messages installed. I still seem to remember there being less issues in ios 6. With ios 7, remotemessages is not usable for me with bitesms as the connection is having problems too often, interfering with normal functionality. Versus it being more of an annoyance to have to reconnect occasionally with ios6.
  • Is biteSMS even out of beta yet? I'm not even going to look into this issue until it's released. No point in me wasting time chasing a moving target!
  • BiteSMS is indeed out of Beta
  • I have to always disable wifi and reenable to get it to work... but it happens a lot less when bitesms is not installed... still happens though...
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