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help with sendMessage.srv

edited April 2014 in Support

can u help me? what attributes i must post on server? i know:

recipients (number)
text (message)
reqUID (it is special unique ID? where i found it? its auto generate or can be free?)

and next? or its all? because server give me respond:
"Your browser tried to send a message without supplying a form boundary in the post."

:( thanks for all tips


  • Please don't open multiple threads for this, you already have one open about modifying RM!

    We don't support playing around with the RM Apis like this so you are on your own.

    What I will say, is that reqUID is generated by the browser and is used in the UI to locate newly created messages that don't have a guid yet on the phone.
  • Feel free to PM if you have any non-support queries :)
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