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RM *settings* as standalone app/shortcut in springboard, or ability to bring up with flipswitch

edited April 2014 in Feature Requests
The reason I am requesting this is that while you have a toggle to turn RM on and off, there is no way for me to quickly access the settings to see my IP. I need to do this every time at work since my IP will be different every time I log on. But then I have to open settings and scroll way down to RM, which defeats the whole purpose of having a quick on/off toggle for the app in control center.

So, workaround would be if the settings can have the option to add an app icon that shows up in springboard (like Winterboard does), this will provide easier access directly from homescreen as well as allow it to be added as an app button to my control center via flipswitch.

If this isn't clear, feel free to ask.


  • There used to be a notification centre widget that displayed current system stats including your IP address. Omnistat I think it was called. Perhaps there is something that does this?
  • Thanks, Al. I found a Control Center tweak which accomplishes this for me. It's called CCSystemStatus and works with CCLoader. This way I can use the toggle and see the IP at the same time.
  • Good find!!
  • just set a static dhcp and then you can add a shortcut to your browser.
  • I would, but it is a work network. I tried to set a static IP in my iPhone and it seems to connect with the IP I want, but I don't have any internet connectivity (I entered all DHCP information correctly including DNS servers). So I'm not sure what that is about.
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