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iPad Air stuck on Apple Logo

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Hello there, I recently bought RM on my iPhone and I thought maybe it would be more useful if I connect to my iPad instead of my phone, because I barely use it and battery is better on an iPad. But I installed RM, rebooted my iPad and it was stuck on the Apple Logo. I rebooted it holding the Volume Up button to disable MobileSubstrate and it booted normally. Then I uninstalled RM, rebooted my iPad again and I didn't get stuck on the logo... I'm using an iPad Air 32 GB running 7.0.6. Anyone else having this issue?


  • Definitely a conflict here, can we get a list of installed packages please?
  • Here's the list of my packages on my iPad Air:

    And here's the list of the packages I have installed on my iPhone 5 32 GB running 7.0.6:
  • Hi Drummer611,

    It sounds like a tweak incompatibility if you say it works on your iPhone5 and not your iPad (since they both use the same ChatKit binary), can you produce a diff of your package lists?

    Also, if you are getting the apple logo on boot then that implies an incompatibility with the SpringBoard hooks. You can see if this is the case by postfixing "_" to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/RemoteMessagesSBHooks.dylib and RemoteMessagesSBHooks.plist (e.g RemoteMessagesSBHooks.dylib_) and then restart your phone.

    This will stop things like Battery statuses being sent to your browser but the core functionality should still work.
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    There are three things to try from Apple forum
    1. Holding down the hold (top) and home (bottom) buttons at the same time for about 8-12 seconds.
    2. Doing the same thing while the phone is being powered
    3. Doing a restore through iTunes. If your computer is not picking up the phone, try doing step 1 while it is plugged into the computer with iTunes open

    The first two will not delete anything. The third will if you have not done a back up recently. If you are on iOS 5 or later and have wifi at home, maybe you have been doing iCloud backups each night in which case you're in luck. Everything will come back to the phone.
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    At least 5 ways are available for fixing an iPad stuck on Apple logo:
    1. Force the iPad to restart;

    2. Put iPad in Safe Mode using Sleep/Wake, Home and Volume Up button combinations;

    3. Update or restore the iPad in recovery mode;
    4. Enter DFU mode and restore;
    5. Reinstall iOS software with the help of an iOS system repair tool.

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