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sluggish performance

Sometimes accessing is very sluggish (5-10s). Sending a new text message and accessing contacts is extremely slow (15-30s for names to show up).

BiteSMS is not installed.... Any ideas?


  • You going over wifi or USB to connect?
  • What device are you using? How often does this happen?
  • Wifi
    always... random... but it's generally sluggish...
  • I can pretty much bet that it's because the ios devices wifi is going into some form of power saving mode or your wifi is just being sluggish.

    Next time it happens ping your iOS device and tell us what latency you have between your computer and phone.

    I think packaging something that stops the wifi turning off into RM is completely wrong but maybe I'll look at writing a separate tool for it since so many people have issues with the current sleuth of options.
  • As long as it's an optional toggle, it should be fine. :)
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