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I can't connect over Wifi. RM always shows a IP Address

edited April 2014 in Support

RM used to work fine over Wifi but for the last couple months it has only worked through a cable connection with iTunnel.

What's going on? I see several other people with the same question and haven't found a solution. I've replicated the issue on 3 different computers (2 desktops, 1 laptop).

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.6, W7 x64


  • RM may only report a IP address, but if it's connected to WiFi try using the IP that your iPhone has on the WiFi network regardless of what RM says and see what happens.
  • Check the network latency and consistency between your PC and ios device with the ping utility. It's most probably because your wifi is dropping on your ios device.
  • Thank you bartat404! That worked. Anyone reading this: Go to Settings > Wifi > Hit the "i" next to your current network, remember that IP address, then type it in your browser with a colon and the port selected in the RM settings after. Eg. x.x.x.x:123
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