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Odd behavior

edited May 2014 in Support
I've been having problems with this application for a couple of months now. It was working fine for quite a while but maybe the last two months, not so much. I'm on a 5S, 7.0.4. on RM version 3.0.1. The issues I'm experiencing are pretty consistent. I'm constantly getting disconnected from WIFI; though they may have to do with my phone itself, and RM constantly sends the same texts\imessages in duplicate. Basically I'll send a message and maybe within a minute that same message will send again...then again...then again. Occasionally it will send the same message from 2 messages ago. Also it's been very sluggish lately. Whereas prior it seemed to run very smoothly and quick. Now switching between messages can take over a minute. Anyway; I really love the tweak\app and hope you can help me out. I don't have any other messaging system installed save for iBlacklist, however I've always had that and it's never been an issue.


  • What state is your iPhone in when you're using the software
    Do you keep the device locked/screen off?
    Is your iPhone on charge when you use RM?
    Is it close to your router?

    I must say, I only use RM when my device is on charge and I experience no performance issues. I have noticed a couple of latency issues when the device is locked and in my pocket, but I don't think we can do much about that. I think it's likely that if you found another app/tweak that runs as a "server" process in the background (VLC maybe does this at user level?) you would experience the same issues.
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