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Chrome notifications turning off

edited May 2014 in Community
In Google Chrome, I try turning on the Experimental Notifications. It's worked perfectly for a few months now.

All of a sudden today it doesn't work anymore. Everytime I open chrome or refresh the page, I have to go into settings -> notifications and click "Activate Notifications" (see here

Even after I push this, they only work for some messages.

Is this a problem with Chrome, my iphone, RM, or something else?


  • This is because Chrome has changed the way in which notification permission works since we released the last version, we will issue a fix for this.
  • Glad I'm not the only one who has noticed it's stopped
  • Any update on the situation? An ETA maybe?
  • To be honest we've totally neglected the project, focussing on other things at the moment. I'll have a chat with @Alex and we'll see about rolling a couple of other things into the same release (Issuing 'hotfix' size updates through Cydia feels like a waste). I'll aim for this month!
  • Oh do you guys work on other things together?

    And sweet deal! Is this a big problem or something that can be fixed easily?
  • I handle all the browser side bits and @Alex handles all the device-side stuff. Works quite well for us.

    It's a really small problem, that's why it's annoying having to roll it all again and push such a minor change through the BigBoss guys. :P
  • Do you already have a fix set up for this?

    If you do, could I have the dpkg file and just install it manually, skipping the bigboss guys? I really need those chrome notifications haha

  • Would really love a fix for this too. It's kind of a dealbreaker for me too, if I leave the RM tab open and I don't get a notification when new messages arrive people still see that I "Read xx:xx" when in fact I didn't.

    Please release a fix or at least let us download the package directly. Thanks!
  • ditto to the last two comments on this thread.. love this app.. I'm not familiar with the "bigboss/cydia" hoops, but I'd love to see more updates to this "paid app"!

  • Irritatingly it's a one-line fix. I completed it ages ago, we've just gotta push out a release.

    I'm meeting up with @Alex tomorrow, hopefully we'll try and cram some other little fixes in and send off to BigBoss then.
  • Could you not let us know how to fix it and we could do it our selves or let us download the modified file and then we could swap it. Its now really annoying in chrome and its been four months. I dont want to keep having the remote messages window open or very small on my screen to see a message
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