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how to solve my ping issue and wifi connection not working

edited June 2014 in Support
I tacked onto another discussion, but read I should start my own so here goes.

I downloaded this app in Feb. Couldn't get it to work. I have mighty text for android and loved that app, and knew RM was like it for the iphone.
I have a 5s on 7.0.6. I saw RM article today and tried to get it working again. I have the latest RM app from cydia for iOS7.

When I ping my ip address on the phone I get the following error message. (my phone ip address is The error message I get is "reply from host unreachable". NOTICE the last 3 digits in the ip addresses do not match. It states this sentence 4 times.

then I get packet sent-4, packets received 4, lost 0. That's it.

I researched it and it says it's a dhcp problem- a remote router problem. My subnet mask is reassigning an ip address. That's why It has the 1.117 on the end. I don't understand what this means. I just know I can't ping the ip address properly and can't connect to the ip address on my chrome browser.

Can someone post a link where I can learn what the problem is and troubleshoot from there??? Thanks in advance.

I was able to get RM working thru itunnel and a usb connection. Works great. Would like to get wifi connection working.


  • Glad to see you finally got it working at long last.

    The majority of the problems people have on the Forums seem to be connecting to their device over their own networks which is something that's quite painful to debug over and over again. Writing a guide is a good idea but of course every network is different, so it would have to only cater for the most common set-ups.
  • Thanks Al! I know we have a cisco valet plus router thru optonline. I have been reading a ton of stuff- but if I screw up our router I will have 2 adult kids and 1 spouse screaming at me!!! lol. :0) Was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. At least I can use it via usb. Benefit is it will always be charging this way. :)
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