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iOS 8 & Windows Users

edited June 2014 in Community
Based on the new iOS 8 functionality, do you thing Remote Messages will be available to Windows users WITHOUT jailbreaking?

That would be awesome.


  • Agreed that would be awesome though I imagine hard to implement
  • We essentially run a web server as a background service and tap into ChatKit's internal functions which violates a great deal of Apple's terms. It would be cool, but there's no way it would ever be possible to "go legit" in it's current form.
  • iOS 8 is jailbroken now

    WOOT :)
  • I wonder if there is an api that access what apple uses for yosemite. Although I think that is controlled server side... I think it sends all messages through i message to be delivered into their messages app.
    Not a direct connection.
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