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Remote Message and iOS 7.1.1

edited June 2014 in Community

Hi, today went to JB 7.1.1 and my question is whether it will work Remote message to this version .. JB I just for the sake of your program


  • Works with 7.1.1 thus far for me. 5s

  • And it's on your iPhone 5s??
  • edited June 2014
    Working fine here, just logged in to Cydia and ignored the not compatible warning
  • Thanks for testing guys. We've not actually updated just yet.
  • So now on I do not understand .. So Works RM on iOS 7.1.1?
    This is me on the iPhone 5S
    Just answer YES / NO
  • functional on iP5s
    Today I installed
  • Working on iPhone 4s. No problems so far.
  • Hey !

    On my cydia screen, (5s 7.1.1) :
    "Achat impossible" "This product is not supported on you IOS version" :/

    And, I can't " ignored the not compatible warning "... or I don't now how to do that...

    Thanks for help ! :)
  • RM3 is now compatible with iOS 7.1.1 and 7.1.2, you should be able to download it via Cydia now!
  • no me funciona en ios 7.1.2 en mi iphone 5s
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