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Itunnel, only problems

edited June 2014 in Bug Reports

I use Itunnel in order to connect my iPhone 5 IOS 7.0.4 with my Windows 8.
I use the port 333, in Remote Message settings and in the shortcut.
And I Have everytime,

ERROR : USBMuxConnectByPort.....
Error : Device Service
Device connected : ....
Device disconnected : ...
Info : New connection
ERROR : AMDeviceConnect : -58768768768
ERROR : Device Connect

I tried different port

I search in the forum, and find some answer, but no one was very usefull...



  • Do you have iTunes installed
  • edited June 2014
    Yes, with the last version.And I have OpenSSH on my Iphone.
  • Up please
  • Have you got the iTunesHelper.exe process running? Or moniledeviceservice.exe or whatever it's called? (I'm currently on holiday ATM) but this is an issue with your PC. OpenSSH isn't needed for itunnel to work. Make sure nothing is using the iphone when you're trying to tunnel (iTunes etc).
  • edited June 2014
    No iTunesHelper.exe and Mobiledeviceservice.exe
    But in service.msc, Apple Mobile Device (Mobiledeviceservice.exe) show that he is running

    Thank you for your help !

  • I'm assuming iTunes works fine yeah? When I get back I'll post a healthy console output of itunnel you can compare against
  • Yes, I don't have any problem with iTunes.
    Ok thank you ! :)
  • Hi do you still have this issue with itunnel?
  • edited July 2014
    Hello, Yes I still have :

    ERROR : USBMuxConnectByPort=6, handle=ffffffff
    Error : Device Service

    And with Veency and Itunnel, it works well, no problem
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