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i can't send imessage

edited July 2014 in Community
I am using iPhone4 GSM 16G, running iOS 7.1.2, with Remote Message 3.0.1 installed on my device......Sending as texts only, not iMessage. i don't need ams,i want it to be imessage.


  • Can you send iMessages from your device?
  • I can send iMessages from my device.when i don't use remote messages, the first message is imessage(color is blue)........when i use remote messages, the first message is sms(green),the seconed is imesaage(blue), i want the first message is blue, what should i do??????
  • Yah.. my Remote Messages seem to prefer to go via standard green SMS.. my phone can send iMessages just fine.. oddly, Remote Messages USED to send iMessages just fine.. not sure what happened.. How can I help debug?
  • When you say it USED to work, has anything changed since? iOS ver/RM ver?
  • i send some messages to one number(the same number),the first message is sms(green),the second message is imessage,the third is imessage,the others is imessage, only first is different .

    remote messages general:(show SMS override toggle) just SMS this one choice.... if have imessage choice, mybe i can lock imessage
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