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Please make new program similar to RM

I would love to see a program where we can just add a web address like we do for remote messages and actually see all the pictures and transfer pictures easily....



  • as it is now... i open remote messages/camera roll icon and view the image and then download it. but it could be made simpler and the program should work awesomely.... i would definitely PAY MORE for it.
  • You mean like a tool for transferring camera roll over wifi?
  • Yes... web browser based where you can browse your photos/files like you can do now but not tied to remote messages...

    When i need to transfer one photo i usually open remote messages view the photo with the camera roll button and then download the image... this could be done in a standalone way. Instead of port 333 use 334 or so.

    Same thing could be done for a lot of things.... I'd really PAY for it....

    Also, it would be awesome if we didn't need to be one the same network. iPhone just drops the connection too much.
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