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Current IP Address reads

edited August 2014 in Support
In the Remote Messages settings panel, my current IP Address reads and I am unable to connect to Remote Messages from any browser. I'm running iOS 7.1.2 on a 4S (AT&T). Authentication is disabled. I have tried reinstalling. Tried clearing all apps and tweaks using iLex RAT as well. Reinstalled Cydia. Still doesn't work.


  • Can you ping your Device over wifi? The fact that it says your IP Address is doesn't really matter, it's only intended to aid you in finding it.

    The first step to solving your issue is making sure you can ping your iPhone over wifi :)
  • I'm tempted to actually remove that from our settings pane, it was originally intended to help people quickly find their IP but it seems to have caused more confusion than anything else.

    @Alex Maybe we should make it say "Check Settings -> Wifi" instead, if it's reporting

    Anyway yeah, check your IP under Settings -> Wifi and tap the arrow next to your active connection. Your IP will be listed there. Yeah?
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    @Al How can i ping using my iPhone?

  • edited March 2015

    Just go to Settings/WI-FI/ press the i to see the info of you wifi and you will see the IP address. Dont forget the :333 tho.

    That is how i could use mi RM.

    Hope it helps.
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