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Browser cannot access Remote Messages "The connection has timed out"

edited August 2014 in Community
First let me say that I do have an active Wifi signal and I can browse the internet from my phone and anything else requiring internet, and I have my router configured to assign a static IP to my phone.

The problem I'm having is, in the Remote Messages settings panel, my current IP Address reads and I am unable to connect to Remote Messages from any browser. I'm running iOS 7.1.2 on a 4S (AT&T). Authentication is disabled. I have tried reinstalling. Tried clearing all apps and tweaks using iLex RAT as well. Reinstalled Cydia. Still doesn't work.

Remote Messages worked for a short period of time when I first installed it, but ever since the first day I haven't been able to connect.

Previously, I had Remote Messages working on my iPad running iOS 6 for a couple months (with a static IP as well), but I just can't get it to work on my phone with iOS 7.1


  • Can you ping your device over wifi?
  • Yes I can, and in the process I discovered my problem. Seems I've been trying to connect using the wrong IP address lately. Strange because I was connecting to the appropriate IP address initially, I don't know how it got switched in the browser, I have Firefox configured to remember tabs. How embarrassing! Thanks for responding, though.
  • Glad you got it sorted!
  • The DHCP lease probably expired, so your Router gave your iDevice a new IP which your PC wasn't aware of!
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