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Browser can't access Remote Messages after a while.

edited August 2014 in Support
I have RemoteMessages installed on iPhone 5s with the Pangu jailbreak. My phone is plugged into a power source. RemoteMessages works initially (and I can ping it fine) for about a minute or two but then stops responding.

Once it stops responding, I try to ping and get Request timed out.
The moment I get back to the phone and press the Home button, it is responsive again.

How can I fix this problem?


  • Interesting! Do you have the passcode lock enabled perchance? Not suggesting you turn it off or anything (yikes)
  • @Al No, I do not. Should I have?
  • edited September 2014
    Any updates on this?
  • If you are able to reliably reproduce the problem, try installing the trial of this package:
    After installing this, see if the issue persists!

    I always have my phone locked and charging via my PC's USB port and have no issue accessing it over my network. I'm struggling to recreate the problem :(

    The only time I've noticed the home button bringing it back all back to life was when it wasn't plugged-in/charging.
  • this happens consistently... its an apple thing.. .the only way to minimize it is to disable autolock and get insomnia pro installed...

    even then, sometimes it happens....
    the ONLY way to stop it is to create a wifi hotspot and connect through your phones wifi hotspot.
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