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Remote message and iOS 8.x

edited October 2014 in Community
Hi, I have purchased and the Remote message on my iP5s I wonder if Jump to iOS 8.x I mean it that I'm thinking about buying iPhone 6, but what about me, yet discouraged by this, I would not te RM. Could anyone to taste this ??


  • Hi Kony,

    We don't currently support iOS8, a lot has changed in ChatKit (as you can imagine) which will require a lot of back end changes. We're currently waiting on a public iOS8 JB to be released before we start work on the upgrade.

  • thank you so much for the information. I'll wait for JB to iOS8 and then I start thinking about the upgrade and or switch to iPhone6
  • Thanks for the headsup. From a quick glance looks like there are some issues with Substrate that we need to wait on Saurik to fix before we can start migrating RM to iOS8.
  • Yes exactly, but apparently Saurik confirmed that the repair works .. And how it will pay the iOS version 8 ?? I have bought all versions of RM. will turn any fee or it will update within ??
  • Don't know yet. Hopefully not. It really depends on how much work is involved reversing the new Chatkit framework!
  • Cydia is already out .. Just install
  • And therefore you can try loading the RM version of iOS 8.1 ?? If it works ??
  • I don't have a spare phone to test it on, but I know for a fact that RM 3 won't start properly on iOS 8 due to ChatKit having been updated by Apple.
  • I will pay for the updated version... i am considering to update... but not sure. really like the fact of continuity....
  • And so when you expect that you look at it ??? RM is the only thing that makes for JB
  • We'll look at it when the JB has been proven to be stable and substrate has been updated.
  • So Saurik has updated mobile substrate
  • And it is stable....
  • Just heard about the jailbreak yesterday. Curious how the best way to keep up to date will be? Twitter? Obviously there will be plenty of changes that need to be done
  • And you're working on repairs ?? or still wait ???
  • We'll post updates on Twitter.

    FYI we aren't going to start work on porting RM to ios8 till substrate and Cydia are stable ( which they are NOT at the moment.
  • (We develop on our personal devices so constantly restoring is unacceptable)
  • Too much negativity....
  • AlAl
    edited October 2014
    I assume you've jumped the gun and jailbroken iOS 8 already, right?

    Don't get me wrong, we will be updating. We're just not in a hurry. Apologies if this affects you.
  • No, I have not... why? no remote messages.... Even with a mac I could do continuity, but with my windows machines I cannot. So I am waiting on Remote messages to make the update. It is right now the only reason why I jailbreak.

    Somestimes when tuning, is a lot easier to type text and send the pictures needed through the PC and not the phone itself.
  • Ok that's good news!

    I have quite an elaborate set-up on my iPhone, it takes me the best part of a day to configure everything exactly how I like it, so I'm often reluctant to upgrade. On the other side of the coin, I know that @Alex has already upgraded, he's just waiting for proper stability in the JB scene before he takes the plunge. He doesn't have a dedicated development iPhone yet and can't risk having a glitched-out phone due to work. I know progress is being made rapidly, so I'm sure the wait won't be too bad!

    The JB window is just at the beginning so there's minimal risk at this point of missing the boat. I'm with you, still on iOS 7, so if @Alex informs me of a roadblock in Chatkit land, I'll let you guys know :)
  • Thanks.... Really, at least for me, this program and MAYBE bitesms are the only reasons to jailbreak. But RM is 90% of it.
  • ^^ Totally agree.
    Will be anxiously waiting this and Bitesms to be updated.
  • waiting for IOS8 version!
  • Tomorrow has come out large update JB .. Sauryk correct most errors
  • eagerly waiting.....
  • how about everyone make a donation of whoever is willing?

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