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Remote Messages for Mac?

edited October 2014 in Feature Requests
Is there any chance you might take development of this to a full blown OS X app? I think it would be pretty awesome to leave this running on my Mac "server" at home and be able to get to it from my Windows/Linux machines from anywhere.

Consider me a potential purchaser if it can be done.


  • this is build into the new OS.
  • Stunod7,

    as Azote as stated, continuity is a new feature of iOS8 and OSX yosemite
  • They should make a full blown app for windows.
  • What you can do is set up the USB connection method for remote messages on your pc, then go into chrome and make a basic web app for it. Super simple and built into chrome
  • As Koda stated, use the USB/Wi-Fi connection method, then make a web app on Google Chrome using the following method: Remote Messages tab > Toolbar > More tools > Create application shortcuts... > Deselect Pin to Taskbar > OK. It's now on your desktop!
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