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I can't enable Remote Message 3.0.1 iOS 7

edited November 2014 in Community
Hi all,

I just installed Remote Messages today, and when i go to the settings the tweak is disable, i click on enable and the "wheels is turning" but nothing happend, i reboot my phone, i reinstall the tweak, but nothing.

When i quit the settigns and i come back, it's still disable.

Please can someone help me ?

Sorry for my fault, i'm not english ^^


  • It's not starting up for some reason.
    Can you contact support through Cydia? That way we'll be able to see what packages you have installed. I'm sure something in there conflicting.
  • Yes sure ! How can i do this ?

    I precise that i download it on xsellize because I want to test before buying it.

    on the app on cydia i juste have to "contact" ?
  • edited November 2014
    You expect support using a pirated version of an outdated app dude? - that's hillarious.

    Go buy Remote Messages for iOS8 on the Bigboss repo!
  • damdam
    edited November 2014
    Why will i buy something that doesn't work ?

    You never try the item you're gonna buy ?

    And i'm still on iOS 7 why will i download it for iOS 8 ?

    If its work i will buy it but it's not the case for the moment ..
  • edited November 2014
    It works, and it's 4 dollars, the cost of a cup of coffee.

    This is the first release on iOS8 and the developer is actively monitoring the forum for reports, in attempt to fix the quirks.

    Didn't see you mentioned iOS 7, but i wouldn't expect support on a pirated app nevertheless - just sayin'
  • Our DEB bundle is relatively unusual, and most tweak rippers fail to replicate it- causing stuff to break. This has happened quite a lot in the past, causing people to think we have some freaky DRM system hidden away, but this is simply untrue.
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