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[3.1] New Pictures Not Showing

edited November 2014 in Bug Reports

I have installed Version 3.1 on iOS 8.1 (Also tried to respring and restart my iPhone 6).
When I scroll through my history of messages I can see pictures, but any recent pictures which I am trying to look at which were sent to me while I had Remote Messages opened does not show up on my Remote Message, but does show up on my phone itself. Is there anything I can provide to see what could be the cause of this issue? The text comes through from the sender but all I see is a little black dot on the Remote Message Window where the image should be.



  • AlAl
    edited November 2014
    If you close the conversation (or switch to another), then go back onto it, is the image there?

    Also, is this iMessage or SMS?
  • They are all iMessages. As far as switching from convo to convo (as well as closing the browser) I can see all my prior images, but any new images coming in are still showing up as just a black dot instead
  • AlAl
    edited November 2014
    So the black dot images remain even when closing your browser and opening the thread again?
    What file format are these images, JPG I assume?

    It would be really helpful if you could set up some sort of test and screen shot it for me?
  • Same issue here. iOS 8.1 on iphone 6.

    Tried it both in Chrome (updated) and Firefox.

    Pictures appear as a small dot and it never downloads them.
  • Anyone able to share a screenshot with me?
  • Update: IF closing browser session, disable and re-enable and log back in via chrome, pictures appear and display correctly.
  • I can share now if you want. I still have a browser open with the small dots.
  • So the only way to fix it is to restart remote messages itself?
  • It was part of the process that had it working. Since i tried the browser step before restarting remote messages, and that didn't work, I'm assuming that the only step added after, the restart of remote messages did the trick.
    I tried replicating it with a restart of springboard and that seems to have no effect on it (on delivering the pictures in the browser) after functionality has been restored.

    A full phone reboot (with remote messages activated before reboot) has no effect as in the pictures load.
  • RazRaz
    edited November 2014
    Here we go:

    A few resprings in between and it happened again:

    If one hoovers with the mouse on top of the dot, the X appears. If clicked, the deletion prompt appears.

    An accurate fix procedure:

    1.Turn off Remote Messages
    1a.(closed browser tab to remote messages)
    2. Turned off wifi
    3. turned on remote messages with 127 ip
    4. enabled wifi
    5. connected, picture is displayed.
  • I also received this problem today.

    I would also like to note that I'm using the USB utility for OSX and hitting for my connection. So I would assume this is not a connectivity issue.
  • Using latest REmote Messages on iOS8, photos sent to me don't show up in the browser whatsoever.
  • edited November 2014
    If you look in the console (F12) of your browser are there any failed 404/500 requests?
  • If anyone knows how to use Chrome Developer tools, that would be really useful. I can't replicate this problem at all at my end.

    Could you right click the "delete" [X] icon and click then "Inspect element". Try and open up that media-preview link in a new tab- is the request failing? Is it a black dot again?
  • RazRaz
    edited November 2014
    On right click it accesses the picture (download).
    Copy link and open in new tab also brings up the image.

    Here's how the code looks:
  • I see similar "code" to what RamSet posted.

    I notice that the FancyBox size is 0px by 0px, which looks to be the problem. So the image is there, but its just a very small image (hence the small dot).

    I was able to reproduce this problem both over USB connection and WiFi, using the latest Chrome on OSX.
  • @CoBrA2168 Does yours say "jpeg" or "jpg"?
  • RazRaz
    edited December 2014
    Al, Do you need more screenshots? I have it happen on a regular basis, i can probably provide more if you need.
  • @alex managed to replicate it. It's to do with thumbnail generation timings or something, so he's applied some fixes and hopefully that'll sort the issue out. We're releasing the new update this week hopefully! :)
  • I've had this issue as well.
  • 3.1.1 has worked great for me the past few days for accessing conversations and sending messages, but I'm getting this picture issue from time to time. It's hard to nail down when it happens, but generally when sending or receiving new images. Usually when I load the interface up the next morning the photos are there.

    I inspected the markup and it's all there (the div with the .media paragraph and image element), but only displays as the single black pixel.
  • I still have the issue after the upgrade ...
  • Still having this issue too, while it seemed to work after the upgrade - I just attempted to attach a photo from the browser which did not work.
  • Still having this problem as well, it seems if the picture is from before I loaded the current Remote Messages "session" then it works, but new messages don't.
  • Any update on this issue? As RamSet mentioned, disabling/re-enabling RM and refreshing the browser interface brings back photos from the current session. However, it is a little confusing to follow conversations when you don't realize people are talking about an image they've sent.
  • Dug around a bit in the markup and found a couple things-

    On image messages that show up as a single pixel, the main message div has these two attributes (& values): data-isread="0" data-timeread="-1"

    Whereas when the image is there (after restarting things as detailed in the previous post) the attributes have a value of "1" and a timestamp, respectively.

    Additionally, the value in "data-name" changed as well. These were the only differences I noted- all the other markup remained the same. Perhaps it is a bug with RM not registering photo messages marked as read?
  • I, also, am experiencing this bug. Any updates on this?
  • edited January 2015
    I've seen this problem, and I'm pretty fluent with site inspector.

    The HTML code displayed looks fine, the problem it appears it that the image itself is not loading through the remote messages server.


    <div class="message-timestamp">08 Jan 2015 10:03 PM</div><h3>Me</h3><div class="action status"></div><p class="media" data-type="media" data-partid="p:1/FCF415F9-582B-41B9-882A-20480E325DFE"><span class="action remove"></span><a target="_blank" href="/media/chat521872772195359674/p:1/FCF415F9-582B-41B9-882A-20480E325DFE/Messages%20Image(1197022362).png" class="fancyboxed"><img src="/media-preview/chat521872772195359674/p:1/FCF415F9-582B-41B9-882A-20480E325DFE"></a></p><div class="clear"></div>

    If I copy the URL for the image itself (a href to png) and paste into a new tab, the image displays fine.

    The thumbnail presented for it however, is a black box. fancyboxed (the html class for the p tag) is 1x1 in my browser, but if I manually change the width to 200px and the height to 300px, it shows up as you'd expect. Clicking on the box after changing the size loads the picture in my browser for viewing.

    The media preview generated above (img src), is just a background color, but no image whatsoever. The response from the server is 200, and there are no errors on the request that I can tell.

    So, to recap, I think there are two problems.

    1) The height and width of the fancybox used for image previews ends up being 1x1 because there's no height and width specified.
    2) The image preview that's included in that fancybox is just a background color.

    If you resize the box, and then click on it, the images load up just fine.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any more help.

    Screenshot for example:
    You'll notice at the bottom on the right hand side under element, I had to force the img height and width to even get a surface that was clickable, and even then it was just a grey box.


  • @Alex investigated this one for days, it's to do with timings, like when image previews are generated etc. I'll need to check with him again, but I recall it being extremely difficult for us to determine when the preview is actually available so we have to guess. I have no idea how, but it's honestly always worked for both of us, not once have I had this issue myself. I'll have another chat with Alex to see how we can tackle it.
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