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Potential fix for a multitude of issues

edited November 2014 in Support
If you've been experiencing issues and you know how to SSH into your device, please (carefully) execute the following command as root:

chown -R mobile /private/var/mobile/Library/RemoteMessages/

Now quit & reopen Settings, then re-toggle Remote Messages.

Hopefully this will fix most of your issues, please let me know if any remain after following these instructions!



  • Oh also, currently testing a bugfix build. :)
  • edited November 2014
    This worked perfectly for me! Fixed the toggling issue, and the non-saving inputs.
    Thank you
  • Worked perfectly for me too. Thank you very much! This is the one and only tweak I can't live without!
  • Brilliant! this solved the 'toggle on' issue for me as well, great birthday present thanks ^.^
  • Executed the command a couple days ago. Was able to load and use the interface for a while, but later (or upon reboot) the interface stopped loading and the phone freezing issues came back. Hope the packaged fix is more than just changing file owner/permissions.
  • It certainly is. @alex has rewritten lots of bits!
  • Awesome. Thanks for the continued hard work & support!
  • edited December 2014
    When's the new version coming? I'm definitely having freezing issues on my 5S every time my browser tries to connect.

    EDIT: Nevermind! Just saw it show up in Cydia.
  • Remote Messages 3.1.1 has been released which should resolve the issue that this fix addressed. Closing thread.
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