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RM turning itself off after enabled and desktop connected iPhone 5 8.1

edited December 2014 in Community

I've been running the latest RM for ios 8 with no problems up until today. When the toggle is enabled RM will turn on for a few moments, long enough for me to connect (PC), then turn itself off. I can't find any mention of similar problems in the forums, and have tried the fixes already listed. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • it should be noted that RM does not shut itself off until after the desktop connects, if I do not connect through the desktop RM stays enabled.
  • Yep, the current version is pretty much broken for most people. We didn't encounter any of these issues when testing and rushed out the release due to demand. @Alex has been very busy re-writing a number of features that we assumed were working but ultimately weren't.

    We hope to have 3.1.1 released later this week!
  • Thanks for the reply, i'll await a fix.
  • Remote Messages 3.1.1 was just released on Cydia
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