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Use iPod Touch as an iMessage Server with No-Ip

edited December 2014 in Community
Hey guys, so i had a cool idea to keep an ipod touch at my house at all time and find a way to remotely access it from any network by giving it a domain name that forwards to it. I was considering using no-ip for this, any ideas how to get this up? Thanks!


  • You are will need to allow port 333 through your router. I assign a static ip to the iPad touch on your LAN
  • I want to try this too, but any ideas on how to link the IP to the domain?
  • You point the domain at your public IP address.
  • How does one do this?
  • Log in to router and find your device ip address portforward the port 333 in the router and modem ui. Then go to no-ip and set up a host (its free) then when that's finished go to and log in.
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