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Access via bluetooth?

edited January 2015 in Community
My most common usage for Remote Messages is when I'm using WiFi in a public setting (coffee shops, mainly), and want to be able to have the speed and ease of a keyboard, as well as the simplicity of not constantly task-switching with my phone. Remote Messages is fantastic for this. However, it's also frequently the case that the connection is very spotty; sometimes the WiFi router's firewall outright blocks the connection. I could connect over USB, and sometimes do, but often I don't have access to a power outlet, and connecting via USB charges the phone and thus drains my laptop.

Bluetooth would seem the perfect solution here: it establishes a strong, direct connection between the computer and iPhone, without any power transfer. But I can't seem to figure out how to make the connection work. Does anyone know?


  • @freetruman

    How the connection through USB work?
    I want that!!!
  • Hi Freetruman, Bluetooth isn't something we've really considered in the past but it's an interesting thought. I'll mull it over.

    Do you really notice battery drain on your laptop when you're charging your phone?
  • Perhaps use Bluetooth tethering to tunnel into your device?
  • @Alex: I do notice the drain, yes, in part because the laptop battery itself is rather worn down. I'll replace it eventually, but it's an issue. The bigger concern is just connectivity issues, particularly if I don't happen to have the USB cable with me.

    @Poporopo00: Yes, follow the instructions there. iTunnel makes the USB connection very reliable.

    @Al: I've seen this described around the Interwebs when I've been looking for solutions for this, but I can't seem to really understand what tethering is -- from how I've seen it described, it sounds like what hotspotting used to be called. In any case, I haven't been able to get tethering set up, nor have I been able to get Remote Messages to work when I'm connected to my phone as a hotspot. That, of course, also raises another issue of draining my data usage, unless there's a way to have just RM using the hotspot and the other Internet traffic on my computer running over the Wifi. Anyway, have you been able to make RM over hotspot, or tethering, work?
  • @Alex: p.s. This is a great product. I'd be mighty grateful if there were Bluetooth support!
  • I haven't tried getting Remote Messages working over a personal hotspot before, but I *have* connected to SSH this way from one device to another ad-hoc, so I see no reason why this wouldn't work (at least over wifi). Bluetooth may be different, I have no experience tethering over that. I should also add that I don't actually have access to the tethering menu, so I have limited experience with this overall (thanks to my cell provider).

    Since you already have an internet connection on your laptop, you should be able to use that instead of your iPhone's connection, unless you request it's IP for Remote Messages. Needs testing of course, but I can see it working.
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