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Borderless iMessage Window for Chrome.

edited January 2015 in Community
I wanted my iMessage experience to be more "app like" then browser like. I liked having a clear border less browser so I found out that chrome has a "web app" feature. To get this to work create a shortcut from your original chrome.exe file. Right click on the shortcut and in the "target" box add this to the end so it looks like this :"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --app=http://IPAddress:333" where IP address it the iPhone/iPad/iPod running Remote Messages. Now when you click the link it will show up in a little browser frame instead complete with Remote Messages icon in the taskbar!! As shown in the link below:

Hopefully someone finds this useful. If it's been posted in the past, it's great to have another reminder!


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