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Itunnel error: Device Service

edited February 2015 in Support

I am trying to see my sms on my windows 7 laptop.
I downloaded itunnel made that shortcut with port 333 double clicked on it and command prompt appears showing

[Info] Device connected
[Error] USBmuxConnectByPort = 6b, handle ffffffff
[Error] Error: Device Service

On my ios7 iphone i am unable to 'ENABLE' the Remote messages app
I tried rebooting, changing the port and then changing it back to 333

the IP showing in the remote messages app is showing some 192.168.X.X with port 333

While the instruction shown here is telling me to goto browser and use IP
( )

Now I dont know what else I can do. Please give some instructions on how to make this work

Thank you :)


  • You should first try and get Remote Messages to enable such that the 'enabled' toggle stays 'on'.

    When you enable RM and the spinner stops and reverts the enabled switch back to the 'off' state, it means that RM has failed to start-up properly. This is most commonly caused by tweak incompatibilities. First fix that issue and then you can try and start debugging the connectivity issues you are having.
  • Looks like iTunnel is failing, have you recently updated iTunes?
  • Well the remote Message enable switch would not stay 'ENABLED'.. it keeps spinning. And yes my itunes is updated
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