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Setup Wibdows7 and IOS 7.1.2

edited March 2015 in Support
I have no idea how to setup my Windows 7 PC with my JB iPhone 4s on 7.1.2

I would be very grateful if a member could spare the time to spell it out for me.



  • I would appreciate a response, even if it is a pointer to where I can find the answer.


  • What are you trying to do?
  • Thanks Alex, I did read that but I didn't understand about the port settings and what steps I need to take to in Windows 7 (firewall) to allow access.
  • If you go in WiFi settings on your iPhone, tap the blue arrow next to your current network. Note down the IP address of your device (e.g.

    Now in Remote Messages settings, note down the port number (default: 333)

    Fire up Chrome on your computer, type in http://: (e.g. ) and you should connect. If you've set a username & password, it should prompt you for these.

    If not, please make sure your devices are on the same network. If you connect through a shared connection, like at uni or in a large office, it might not be possible to connect over the network, in which case I suggest reading how to connect over a USB tunnel (The link @Alex pasted details how to do this).
  • Thanks Al!

    I tried repeatedly with absolutely no success and decided to give it up as a bad job.

    Today I tried for the last time and it WORKED!

    Amazing and great, thanks to you all.

  • Hurrah! Glad to hear you got it sorted
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