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Remote Messages does not start on iOS 7.0.4

edited May 2015 in Support
Hi all, I just purchased and installed Remote Messages for iOS 7, along with OpenSSL. When I try and enable the server, the loading icon spins but does not start. I've let it run for awhile with SSL and without SSL enabled, as well as changing the server port number. What's the issue?


  • What device are you using? Do you have many tweaks installed? It could be a clash with another tweak causing the problem.
  • I'm having the same issue on 7.1.2. I can send my tweak list or log files (if you can explain where to find them?)

  • AlAl
    edited May 2015
    Which devices are you guys using? You can send log files through Cydia if you contact us via the package's contact links (it will automatically attach the files). Please include your username so we know who you are.

    We're not releasing any more updates for the iOS 7 version, but if we can help get it working we'll try our best.

  • Thanks - I'm on the iphone 4S, 7.1.2. I just sent the logs in via Cydia Contact
  • Did you end up getting this working?

    I had the same issue, only way I could enable it was to use the flipswitch along with the reboot flipswitch, using cctoggles.

    Tap the RM flipswitch then instantly double tap the reboot. When it comes back on, RM is enabled.

    Bit dodgy but it works
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