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Remote message and iOS 8.3

edited June 2015 in Community
JB just came out on iOS 8.3, although still not repaired Mobile subtrate. but it's only a matter of time. How do we update and a possible course of payment, especially for people (like me) who have purchased any version of Remote Message


  • Hi Kony,

    We tend to find incremental updates of iOS include minimal changes to the underlying ChatKit framework, more often than not RM will work out of the box once Substrate has been updated. iOS9 will be a different kettle of fish entirely though.

    Once substrate has been released to the general public I'll flip the relevant bits to allow download through Cydia. Any new issues let us know and we'll take a look at them.

  • In terms of payment, we'd only ever consider putting a price on an update when there has been a considerable amount of work involved and/or significant feature added. We don't expect this to be the case for 8.3, and we aren't planning to add any new features.

    I have more long term plans to completely re-write the front-end, and I believe @Alex is planning to refactor the device-side service. Hopefully we'll be able to get this done to coincide with an iOS 9 JB.
  • I think the jailbreak is released.. does it work on 8.3?
  • should i say the updated jailbreak
  • The iOS 8.3 jailbreak is now stable and Cydia Substrate is working. Can anyone confirm if Remote Message 3.1.2 works out of the box?

    If I have time this afternoon, I plan on doing the upgrade and I can test.
  • I won't have a chance to test RM on iOS8.3 till early next week, however if you're already on 8.3 you should be able to download RM through cydia and give it a shot.
  • Unable to purchase on 8.3 because it's not supported on iOS version.
  • This is a deal breaker for the upgrade... this HAS to work or else i stay in 8.1.2
  • Working for me on 8.3. I had previously purchased, so Cydia let me install.
  • That's great news :)
  • So can we get a ETA?
  • hope we can get this working on ios 8.3. Hope we can get an update if this is already working on ios 8.3
  • When I first installed Remote Messages, I ran into a boot loop into safe mode. I uninstalled Remote Messages, reinstalled, and it seems fine now. Functionality wise, everything seems to work OK.
  • I've just updated the Cydia records, RM should be available on iOS 8.3 now.
  • thanks @Alex! working good on 8.3 in iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Working for me on 8.4 as well.
  • Also working fine for me on 8.4. No boot loop this time either.
  • Hello!

    Actually jailbroke my phone this morning for the first time in years in order to get Remote Messages, and to time it nicely with the release of Apple Music. However, I can't purchase it because it's not made "compatible" in Cydia, but it looks like it works fine. Can you update it in Cydia records, Alex, like you did for 8.3? It'd be much appreciated!

  • Hi Guys,

    Cydia records have been updated to allow RM to be purchased/installed on iOS 8.4.
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