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itunnel mux doesnt goes on pc

edited June 2015 in Community

I've purchades Remote Messages, started it, it seems to go ( is showed on) and then i configured it with a port, username and Password. Now I want to connect via itunnel_mux from my pc but it doesn't seems to go.

Is there a alternative to itunnel_mux?

My target is to use iMessage via my PC.

My PCs is a virtual machine which works on a zeroclient, iTunes is installed and the iPhone is connected via USB cable and the PC detects it and all...


  • Hi,

    We aren't the developers of itunnel_mux. If the issue you are experiencing is with itunnel please go to their forums:

    Check to make sure RM works over the network.
  • AlAl
    edited June 2015
    Are you able to ping your device from within your VM? Perhaps try getting it to connect over SSH or something first to determine whether or not the problem lies with Remote Messages.
  • Yes I could connect the device to the VM with the iFunBox usb Tunneling and also via OpenSSH (After I installed OpenSSH from the Cydia Store).

    How do you know that Remote Messages is working? Only by the switched "ON" in the Settings of the iPhone?
  • I tested it now on my Notebook I think the Problem is not the VM.

    When I execute the shortcut to itunnel for a second a cmd Windows appears and then it Closes immediately. The Remote Messages is Active but the Access via still doesn't work.

    --lport 333 --iport 333 is added to the target of the shortcut properties but still doesnt work. Is there a alternative to itunnel ?
  • It is solved.

    I've installed the new iFunbox Version and created the usb tunnel via ifunbox not itunnel..

    Thanks for the help anyway.
  • See my comment at the google code site:

    You can get itunnelmux to work by using iTunes 11 dlls and editing your registry. I have not tried it with iTunes 12.1.2, I no longer need to use a usb tunnel, but it worked with all previous verisons of iTunes 12.
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