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Randomly disconnecting

edited July 2015 in Support
Hi. Been using RM for a couple weeks now. Love it. But it seems like every now and then it will disable itself and I'll lose the connection to the computer. I have to go into the iphone settings and re-enable the server. Any idea why?




  • edited July 2015
    I am also experiencing this on iOS 8.4. I initially didn't have this problem, but the past couple days RM has been turning itself off, is getting reset somehow. Since it's only been happening the past couple days, I suspect a new tweak I installed is causing the problem, but how could I diagnose this? The Springboard isn't crashing and it randomly occurs, even when I'm not doing anything else on my phone. @csalvian figure anything out yet?

    edit: j/k seems I forgot to reinstall crash reporter after moving from 8.3 to 8.4, made me think nothing was crashing. Accidentally installed StatusHUD 2 instead of StatusVol 2, and it was causing all kinds of system processes to crash, especially wifid, which I assume RM relies on. So far no more random disabling.
  • I just checked and it is StatusHUD2 that's causing soon as I turn the volume up or down it shuts down RM....weird
  • I also have been having this issue....but in order for a message to send i have to wake the phone up. I do not have statushud installed nor do i have a bunch of tweaks...before the update to 8.4 it was working fine
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