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Remote Messges iOS 6, where to find?

edited October 2015 in Support
For a long time i used my old iPhone 5 as an iOS 8 Server. Main usage was remote messages over wan.
Worked great! Unfortunately i had to restore this device and apple only allowed 8.4.1. So jailbreak is gone for until a new jailbreak arrives.

Now i got my hand in an old iPhone 3GS and using it as an "iOS" Server. Best thing about it, i can restore it till the end of days and it still is jailbreakable. ;)
But i can´t find remote messages 2 on the big boss repo? As far as i know i need Version 2 for iOS6.
The only way i was able to find it is some "special" repo. But i want the official version.
I´ve payed for the new versions and also would pay for the old one.

And one more question. Is there a way to get the new third theme (forgotten the name of it) to version 2?


  • AlAl
    edited October 2015
    I'll have a go at setting up a "Remote Messages" Cydia repo to host legacy versions we've had removed from BigBoss.

    The reason we originally had them removed was due to clutter. Unfortunately due to the nature of RM, we can't roll each version into one package.

    I'll post about it when it's ready :)
  • Can you have a look in Cydia under your purchase history, as you may find the old versions in there. The licenses should be linked.
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