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iOS9 Jailbreak Released - Remote Messages compatibility?



  • hoping for a free upgrade but i understand if its a lot of work to fix
    thanks for all you do
  • Can I connect over USB? *If I'm on iOS9?*
  • I tried that. Connected over USB, I got the message threads (list of contacts) to appear in the browser, the the actual conversations do not appear. I used iFunBox to make the connection... it's too bad that itunnel-mux is no longer compatible with iTunes.
  • Lou, not saying that this will make remote messages work with iOS 9 because it won't, but for iTunnel-mux all you have to do is download iTunes 11 or an early version of 12 from the iTunes legacy downloads. The chatkit of iOS 9 is not the same as iOS 8, the locations of things have shifted slightly just like what happened to make iOS incompatible. Disclaimer: I just dev in my free time, haven't really debugged how Remote Messages works under-the-hood since iOS 7.
  • I'm a little leery about going back to a previous version of iTunes. Last time I tried that something went wrong and I ended up having to rebuild my music library. Do you know the iTunnel_mux developer? If so, do you know if s/he'll put out a new version for the newer iTunes?
  • @Al There is some news about iOS 9 development ? Thank's
  • @Alex has been extremely busy at work this week, but the weekend is coming!
    He told me the other day "63000 warnings down to 10000 ish", so I guess he's got a way to go, but progress is definitely being made.

    I'm wiping and jailbreaking with 9.0.2 tonight. Been busy myself this week so haven't had a chance yet, good thing Apple keep the signing window open for quite a long time right?!
  • I cannot seem to get my iPhone 4S downgraded from 9.02 to 8.4.1 - I get the dreaded 3194 error when I try to restore. Any ideas?
  • @wiredup,1
    No longer signed, sorry dude.
  • Got messages sending properly!
  • Awesome!!! Does that mean the update is coming soon?
  • Nice, keep up the good work. (a must have app)
  • Is there going to be any kind of beta release(s) or just a final?
  • Any updates? I'm dying for this update :)
  • I've just finished fixing everything broken I could see and got it fully working on iOS9. I've given @Al the Alpha version to test so it's in his hands now :).
  • nice job! That was quick!
  • when can we expect a release? i am guessing a week...
  • Can confirm pretty much everything is working. Gotta do a bit more testing though.

    Apparently there are a few issues surrounding image preview generation that still need to be ironed out.
  • I was having image issues on 8.4 as well. I had to have people tell me if they sent an image so I could look on my phone.

    Hopefully you get everything ironed out, I'll just be checking cydia constantly until then ;)

    Will there be a time delay between submitting the update and BigBoss releasing it?
  • Awesome work guys, thanks for the quick update. This is the only thing stopping me from moving over from my iPhone 5s to my new iPhone 6s.
  • I too was having image issues same as AxeEffect3890 on 8.4. Honestly - it was hit or miss - mostly hits though. I'd happily help preview er I mean TEST... ;) :)
  • I'm fervently refreshing this thread in hopes of an update! I hope you guys know how integral your product has become to the iOS experience for me and I'm sure a lot of people. Really looking forward to the iOS9 fix and an overhaul too (fingers crossed). Although, I will say I know I would be happy with the standard interface and function forever as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for making such a killer tweak.
  • Good news! We've just sent "Remote Messages (iOS 9)" to the BigBoss maintainers for release. Balls in their court now! I'd expect it to take a few days for them to push the update through their systems.
  • Thank you kindly!!! I went from refreshing this page constantly to refreshing my account page in Cydia constantly.
  • edited October 2015
    Thanks for all you do. This is what makes jailbreaking cool
  • Thank you!! Remote Messages improves the quality of my life, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that. I'm looking forward to it hitting BigBoss.
  • Finally I can pretend to work at work again without having to using google hangouts
  • Yes! One of the only tweaks holding me back from upgrading to my iPhone 6s.

    Will it be a charge for previous owners?
  • @CoBrA2168, yes it will require a $15 donation to my personal paypal.
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