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iOS9 Jailbreak Released - Remote Messages compatibility?



  • Very interesting! Good to see we might now be making headway in getting the issue resolved :)
  • So what is the latest on the crashing bug? /r/jailbreak and here seem pretty silent the past week.
  • AlAl
    edited November 2015
    Thanks for prodding him! Unfortunately I get the impression that he hasn't seen any of the posts from crash people saying they haven't installed RM, and also some of the crash dumps being posted too (which are the same as the RM dumps...)
  • Any updates? Still getting a crash when viewing any messages with attachments (images). Like I said before at I can send crash reports.
  • Remote Messages crashes constantly on my iPhone 6 with iOS 9.02 to the point it's unusable.

    I've had to use Remote Messages from my iPad 2 on iOS 8.4. Any suggestion would help, Crash Reporter reports no suspects
  • Unusable here, too.
  • The crashing issue with opening conversations with attachments is a Jailbreak issue. Nothing we can do from our end. You'll have to wait for the next JB to be released and hope it's better :/
  • We've read reports of the stock messages app crashing even on fresh devices prior to Remote Messages being installed- all image related.

    We've contacted Saurik but his (first & final) word on the matter was that it's obviously our problem, as the issue is always addressed in RM context. We have since responded to him with the same reports we read from people who don't use our software, but he's probably too busy to look at it, which I'm sure we can all understand.

    We're officially out of ideas. We've tried our best, but I'm afraid there's nothing we can do. The software is working perfectly for many people (including us), so I wouldn't personally consider it 'broken', it's just 'incompatible' with certain iOS installs. If you'd like a refund please contact Saurik, as we're unable to process these ourselves.

    I know this news is disappointing, but we've honestly tried our best.
  • Would like to chime in and say that RM is working perfectly for me on iOS 9.0.2 (iPhone 6s). Very odd that some people are having issues still.
  • Except I have a complete crash report from Remote Messages. Is it not useful? I have many crash reports, all symbolicated, shown to be during the JPEG decoding stage.

    What if you could release a version that had no images from the messages displaying?
  • I'm hoping that the next public JB that comes out for iOS9.X will be more stable and this bug will iron itself out. Nothing we can do about it at the moment without putting in insane hours into the issue!
  • "without putting in insane hours into the issue!"
    ^ Which, arguably, we already have considering the nature of the issue.
  • @alex @al Thanks for attempts at fixing the weird image problem with current jb. I also hope that a 9.3 jb (fingers crossed) will fix it. From everything you've seen, is it a permissions issue for iMessage assets?
  • Well, the 9.1 jailbreak came out today. Unfortunately I'm on a higher version so I can't test Remote Messages capability, but maybe someone else on here can.

    Here's to hoping that a 9.2/9.3 jailbreak comes in the next few weeks.
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