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Remote Messages Bluetooth Support

edited October 2015 in Feature Requests
Hi, I was wondering if there may be connection through bluetooth for Remote Messages. This would make it easier to keep you phone in your pocket per-say without the need for being near wifi


  • iirc iOS does not allow an API implementation for messaging due to security reasons, meaning that creating any sort of standard app that would allow you to use bluetooth instead of a network connection would be impossible.

    It looks to be that the way Remote Messages works is that it creates a server and reads the messages directly from the (I'm assuming) database they're stored in on the iPhone. The server then creates a pretty interface that allows you to connect via browser to send and receive without needing any additional software.

    To use bluetooth the only thing I could imagine would be actually SENDING the database files to a bluetooth capable device and having a client software interpret and display which would create more work and complications.

    tl;dr it may be doable for the developers but not as practical.
  • I personally don't know a great deal about Bluetooth, it's not something I use myself. If there is a way of tunneling into your device via BT and connecting to the Remote Messages server's port, it should work.
    Perhaps you could do it with Bluetooth tethering? By all means experiment and let us know how you get on.
  • Looks like you can SSH over bluetooth if tethering is enabled on the device.

    I bet that turning on tethering assigns an IP to the phone's Bluetooth adaptor and creates a sort of adhoc network between the phone and another Bluetooth device. I don't have bluetooth on my laptop or else I'd try this out.
  • AlAl
    edited November 2015
    If you can SSH over port 22, then you should also be able to access RM.
    When looking into solutions for this, forget about RM and focus on SSH first as it's obviously way more common.
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